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  • Collaborating on a Digital History Project

    For a few weeks now, my team and I are collaborating on a digital history project for Cliveden , a historic site located in the Germantown area of Philadelphia. After the project is completed, it will be displayed in a new exhibit that Cliveden is showcasing. In an article discussing the impact that digital technology […]

  • Digital History in the Classroom

    Exploring the the website titled, Teaching History, it is clear that there is a need for a collective space for history educators to share teaching methods, materials, and more, and this website does a great job of providing that. In the classroom, things are starting to become more digitized and learning over Covid was almost […]

  • Digital Interview with Nicole H.

    Content Warning: Mentions of funerals, Covid-19 deaths, grief. Over Spring Break I sat down with a dear friend and interviewed her about what it was like to be a funeral service student during the Covid-19 pandemic. She explained that it was a confusing time and that their ability to get hands-on experience was limited. Still, […]

  • What is it like to edit Wikipedia?

    Wikipedia is a great place for quick history and facts about almost anything you can imagine. But how reliable is it as a source, knowing the public can edit its content? The credibility of Wikipedia is something we discussed at length prior to Spring Break. To give students the chance to learn Wikipedia and add […]

  • Review of a Public History Site – Slave Voyages

    Blog Post #4 Throughout our Digital Public History course, we have been talking about various tools that help mesh history and the digital age to engage the public in learning.  One project that I’ve taken a look at is Slave Voyages. Slave Voyages is a project by scholars all over the world, utilizing data from […]

  • Crowdsourced Transcription

    Blog Post #3 Transcribing sources digitally is beneficial for all, especially when the public is involved! I was able to transcribe a letter from Mary Ann Shad Carry [see image below]. The idea of reading words on paper and typing them up digitally sounds fairly easy. However, one has to remember that when dealing with […]

  • Utilizing Timeline JS

    Blog Post #2 Timeline JS is a great tool to create timelines on a variety of subjects. I created mine on the United States Military occupation of the Philippines. This event occurred over the course of a few years, so I found that it was an appropriate software to use. There are a few downsides […]

  • 2021 Transfer Orientation: Born Digital

    Blog Post #1 This born digital item is of a screenshot of an email sent to Rowan University transfer students in 2021, before the Fall semester. It is in reference to the online virtual orientation, as a way for transfer students to meet others and learn more about Rowan University. It came a year after […]

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